Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tumultuous Tuesday: Responsibility 101

Hello, world.  

I've lived independently now for two years.  Sure, I'm broke, stressed, and exhausted all the time, I don't have a car, so I walk or bus everywhere, I eat Ramen Noodles WAY too often because I can't really afford to eat anything else;  But it's worth it, right?

I've learned a few things along the way, of course, time management, money management, vast appreciation for friends and family -- and I'm grateful for all those things.  

But here's the thing:  I need and WANT a car.  I want to finish my master's degree and hope to complete a doctorate program out of state, eventually.   

I can't afford a car, or parking at my apartment building, or meat for that matter.  

Why?  A few reasons.  I'm paying rent through the nose so I can live close to school/work.  (I'm on campus pretty much 16 hours a day.)   But mostly I'm paying of the disastrously poor decision making fiasco of (and following) Australia 2008 -- which, while fantastically fun, was a stupid, stupid thing to do, and resulted in the maxing out of several (that's right, SEVERAL) credit cards.  

I've grown up a good bit.  

But -- if I'm going to accomplish my goals in a reasonable time, I could use a little help.  

That's right folks.  

I'm moving back home with my parents

AND my sister, 
AND my brother.  

My family is kind of incredible, and I'm extraordinarily lucky to have them.  

It'll be a hell of a ride. 

The MOVE will happen sometime before February 28th. 

Anyway, Tuesdays will now feature "Tumultuous Tuesday":  The process of moving back in, and later life with my parents.  

Future posts will detail: (1) future goals (2) any anticipated issues I'll need to get over (3) packing (4) the move (5) life with the 'Rents.  

I'm also going to be writing about what it was to grow up in this incredible, fantastic, family.  Probably on Wednesdays. 

We''ll see how that goes.  

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