Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving, living, music!

I recently moved into a much larger two bedroom apartment with my best friend Carol.  The place is HUGE compared to the tiny efficiency I was in before.  Our cats have learned to tolerate each other in the month we've been living there-- although recently they've been getting all static-y from the carpet and shocking each other.

I love it.

I love living with someone, especially, because I can cook, have there be leftovers and have someone else to help me eat them!  Plus having someone to talk to at three a.m. is really nice too!

I'm getting everything together to start my research project for this summer.  I'll include all the juicy details of that in a future post.

Carol is the drummer and percussionist extraordinaire in my younger brother's band (The Kyle DeForrest Band.)   The band often practices in the basement of my parents house, so she usually sees my family more than I do.  The band plays a a mix of rock, blues, alternative and soul. The music is authentic and new, at times gritty but never vulgar, music meant to capture the many facets of life from a Clevelander’s perspective. 

The Kyle DeForrest Band is playing tonight at the Barking Spider Tavern (http://www.barkingspidertavern.com)


  1. Hope it was a good show last night... and congrats on the new place!

  2. The show was incredible-- the band is working on getting a few different websites up--