Sunday, July 26, 2009

Number One


Living alone is not easy. Not that anyone ever suggested it was, but if people were meant to live as solitary creatures civilization would not exist. What animal lives an entirely solitary life? Mammals don't ever, they may have solitary phases, the lone male elephant for example, but even they have been known to form alliances, herds of bull elephants banding together like some kind of fraternity. . . mother-child relationships abound in the animal kingdom, and even worms mate.

I fear becoming the cat lady.

Now that that is out, back to this being Number One. This is the story of me living alone for the first time (with the exception of Charlie (Charles Darwin), my cat) working hard and earning the life that I DREAM to someday have. Vicissitude. Change. in baby steps, yes, but change, anyhow.