Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well, I've decided that I need and want a PhD.  I love teaching.  I love my research.  I love spending my summers outside doing research.  Combine all those and you get me, ten years from now, leading a crew of undergraduates students through a forest (wetland/stream/grassland/ecosystem of your choice) while calmly conducting a biology lecture.  Yes indeed.

So now, while I'm not working on my master's project I'll have this question to ponder:  WHERE?

I know I want a degree in entomology with an ecology/evolutionary biology focus.

I've done some browsing.  *I'll keep a list running here with options

Right now, my top two choices are:

Michigan State University:  Dual doctoral program in entomology and ecology, evolutionary biology and behavior.  This program seems incredible-- and when I'm done I'll have two doctorates, which is a bit baffling.  (And super cool!!)

Ohio State University:  Entomology program seems pretty good, know a few people from there as well.  Closer to home than Michigan.

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