Friday, April 16, 2010

The week from hell

It's been a tough week.  

At work:
1.  The medical ethics course I was supposed to teach was given to another teacher because the program director "forgot" about telling me to teach it. 
2. How I found out:  I went in to teach the new class and another teacher was setting up.  
3. I spent the previous two weeks writing all the lectures for the course.  All of them. 
4. Lesson learned: Insist on a contract before doing anything.  (Looking back, this seems obvious, I'll chalk it up to being young.)
5.  My new environmental survey class has 1 that doesn't believe in evolution and 2 that are conspiracy theorists.  

At school:  Can't complain too much here, just have alot of work to do. 

So.  I'm looking for another job, I've renewed my online tutoring accounts. 

Know anyone who needs help with science? 

I'm worried though, rent and bills are enough alone, but I still haven't gotten my textbooks for my stream ecology class either.  Oy. 

Life usually ends up working out though.  Hopefully soon.  

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