Friday, April 9, 2010


Ahhhh Friday!  Nothing like sitting down at the end of a killer long week, sipping tea and thinking about the precious few days you have off before it all begins again!

It was an odd week-- sunny and beautiful on Monday and snowing today, but that's Cleveland for you.  Hoping it warms up again soon, I'm working on fixing up my bicycle (need This!) and eagerly anticipate a good ride.  Until then I'm happy to lace up my hiking boots and get good'n muddy!

In the world of research I'm getting ever closer to getting my data--- the real work will start in June, but I'm looking forward to it after so many months of planning.  I'm working on getting my advisory committee together now, tracking down signatures to make spoken agreements official and what not.

Employment-wise I'm going to be teaching at the ACRT again-- this time one course on Medical Law and another Environmental Survey.  I'm still surprised at how much I enjoy teaching--but I suppose if it's teaching something I care about than it works.

I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on some poetry this weekend-- haven't posted anything substantial Here in a while.

I'm growing a single, solitary tomato plant named Greg.  One of my students gave me a pack of seeds, so I thought I'd try and grow one in the sunshine-filled apartment I now live.  Greg is about four inches tall right now.  I see an excellent future from him.

I'm trying to convince my land-lady to let me up on the roof so I can garden up there, but she's convinced I'll jump or something.  It could just be a matter of liability, not sure how to argue against that.  Maybe I'll throw my science at her and see if that works.

Kyle is playing solo at the Beck Cafe in Lakewood tomorrow night, acoustic originals and possibly some classical.  (He's pretty awesome)

Some books I've been reading lately:

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