Thursday, October 27, 2011


Doc says I've got to reduce my stress, so I did some research. Stress can kill brain cells, add fat, unravel chromosomes, shorten telomeres (increase aging), cause low IQ and mental disabilities in offspring (yes offspring, this is SCIENCE)(when fetus is exposed to high stress levels), and shuts down nonessential body systems (digestion, immune). Top ways to reduce stress? Social interaction, especially connecting with and helping others. (Check) Taking on leadership roles. (Check) Taking action and producing change. (Check) SO. I've formulated the Better World Hypothesis: Work towards creating a better world, help others, take action, be creative, and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. Stress will be reduced. Health will be better. Awesomeness will be at maximum. If everyone does this: World Peace. As long as we can all reach a consensus. (Studies on Baboon societies prove this -- I think it could work for our species too.) I'm a scientist. I can handle this.

Side note for Occupy crew: In baboons it took six months to reach a consensus with the rest of society, hang in there!