Tuesday, October 4, 2011

13 Things

I am:

1.  Starting an environmental education outreach program with a student group on campus.
2. Volunteering twice a week as a "Conversation Partner" in an English as a second language assistance program.
3. Working 20 (really closer to 25) hours a week as a tutor, structured learning assistant, and success coach.
4. Going to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History twice a week to database my 2010 insect collection.
5. Statistics class.
6. Learning how to run.  Slowly.
7. Being an awesome dog-mom.
8. Reading two papers a week on parasitoid wasps, urban ecology, urban entomology, and/or other cool science.
9.  Getting materials together for my doctorate program applications (eep)
10. Getting materials (DATA) together for the Entomological Society of America conference in Reno, NV, November 13-17.
11. Figuring out football and trying (really) to be interested.
12. Reading my new American Entomologist.
13. Trying to not lose my mind.


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