Wednesday, March 9, 2011


April 1-4 I'm going to the 2011 Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  That's MEEC 2011 at SIUC.  I'm presenting a poster -- a decision that was made only two weeks ago, giving me a total of six weeks to get funding, itinerary, data, and poster organized.

Thus far:  I've applied for a travel funds scholarship from CSU's College of Science, I've submitted my abstract and registered, booked the flights, reserved a hotel room (ok, its a Bed and Breakfast-- my Papa insisted on that), and have started working on the poster (and data).

I'm going to present the same poster at CSU's College of Science Research Day, on April 15th.Spring break is next week.  I'll be at school, in the lab, making my poster and pointing the pan trap samples.  Although I might take a day off in the middle of the week to go on a hike.  Busy.

Classes are going well.  I got a B on my first evolution exam, which I'm not happy about, but now I know EXACTLY what to expect for the next exam.  The engineering class I was worried about turned out to  be a piece of cake. (Thank you, physics minor.)  I just had the first engineering exam yesterday, pretty sure I aced it.  4.0 here we come.

I'm also:
1.  Planning my second round of sampling
2.  Working to get through pan trap samples for the August ESA Meeting
3.  Trying to decide if I should hike the Appalachian Trail with two of my best friends after I graduate.

Life is good.

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