Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On hope.

How is it that in this world where life is brief and love is fleeting that we allow for waste? We life in a world where every moment SHOULD be spent protecting the fragile life that still, somehow, is only held together by, lets face it, mostly luck and very little planning.  We (citizens of Earth) have this mentality of us versus them, always trying to take more, to be better than our neighbors all around. When will we realize that there is only one planet for all to share?

Still, I dare to hope for a future.  I hope for a future where, maybe, we respect the land, and water, and air.  Where things that somehow, despite the odds, life still rises up from the soil and finds some way to survive, even amidst the darkest depths.

We've only just glimpsed at the secrets this world has to offer.  Yet each day we, as a species, destroy.  Destruction for the sake of furthering our own profit.  So those who have might have a bit more, and those who have little suddenly have nothing.

I journey into the unknown each day- studying the world that surrounds me in hope that someday I might use what I know, showing others how we can change our habits to prevent the ruin of the next world.

And I hope.

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