Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Research Update: 10.20.2010

Hello World.  So my research is going swimmingly.  I've reached the 200 hour mark in the lab and am FINALLY starting to see some preliminary trends in my data.  (yay data!) I've been pointing and counting my heart out -- slowly picking away at tiny detail work that will pay off in the end.  (See the pictures!)  I've been working pretty hard, but I'm anxious to start identifying the pan trap samples.

These guys are so tiny, its hard not to squish them! 
These are kind of messy, ideally the wings would be perfectly aligned and the abdomen would be pointing the right way.  These ones are a bit bigger than the last one, maybe 2 or 3 mm.   

As far as the beat net samples go about half are sorted to order and counted.  I'm seeing some interesting things with the early summer samples, hopefully the late summer samples will support it.  

Classes are good.  Kind of boring (I'm research-crazed, what can I say?) but I'm trying to stay focused and do well.  First midterm is next week, I'm not worried.  

I'm tutoring still.  I love it.  I'm tutor of the month.  And teaching again mid-November.  

Life is grand.  

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